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About Serene Pool Service LLC

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Serene Pool Service specializes in service and repairs around the valley. Anthony has been in the pool industry for over seven years and has experience with many types of repairs and services.
Your pool is an important part of your home and we at Serene Pools believe your investment should be serviced with the best quality possible.


Services We Offer




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We offer monthly service. Monthly service includes once a week service of brushing, netting, brushing tile line, emptying all the baskets and looking over all the equipment. Includes some chemicals as well. Ask about pricing today.

Green To Clean

Serene Pool Service offers a variety of repairs. Anything from equipment to plumbing to motor work. Call today with any questions and pricing.

Tile Cleaning

Serene Pool Service also offers new equipment installs. We also will do inspections on your existing equipment to check for needed repairs or needed upgrades. Call today for pricing or questions.

Filter Cleaning

Is your pool green? We offer green to clean services. Sometimes we can even turn your pool blue again without having to drain it. Call for Pricing.

Acid Wash

Do you have a calcium line on your tile? We at Serene Pool Service can get rid of that line. It's best to get your tile line cleaned when you have drained your pool and are doing an acid wash or just adding fresh water. Call today for pricing.

Water Analysis

We offer filter cleans as well. If you have a Cartridge or Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter it is recommended to clean every 6 months. Call today for pricing.

And More!

We also offer draining of your pool water and filling it back up and start up chemicals. We Also offer acid washes and chlorine baths. Call today  for pricing.

We do water testing as well. We test every aspect of your water. Whether or not you're a monthly customer or you just want to have your water tested, call today for pricing.

We offer a wide variety of services. If we can't do it, we will find you someone who can. Call today with any questions or concerns.

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"Anthony took the time to go over every aspect of my new pool, teaching me the ins and outs. He was also able to make emergency visits to my house and fix a cracked pipe as I had a family event happening that weekend and needed the pool working. Their prices can’t be beat and the work they produce is top of the line!" - Customer Review

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